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From Zurich with Love

2018 will see the return of the biggest event in our calendar, the 6th Budo on the Beach.

Budo on the Beach is not only the best Budo event of the year its is also one of the best martial arts in the UK (I base this claim on zero research) Shorn has asked me to put a few words together to promote Budo on the Beach, which I naturally wanted to do, but now I find myself writing this blog in 25 degree heat next to Lake Zurich, trying to promote a beach event, in Wales, in September and yet I am still so excited for it.

Any annual event that you attend will hold memories and experiences that you will always associate with the event. For me, Budo on Beach 1 was my first year within the Budo Warriror Schools and gave me the opportunity to train with people from the other dojos that I rarely saw or knew that well. It was also the event where I did my Shodan, and associated Shodan obstacle course that some people may remember back in 2015 and now 2018 is going to be the event that I come back to the UK for and probably one of the only times I will train with the BWS this year, so it’s a special event for me. I’m sure everyone will have had their own special memories with this event and that’s why its not only a special event, but also an important one for the calendar.

Marc Moor likes to talk about the Budo Warrior School being a child and growing as such, and like all 18 year olds the Budo Warrior Schools students are growing up, moving away and finding new interests but like any child it always comes back home for Christmas. Personally I feel that Budo on Beach is our family Christmas, it has all the stereotypical family members – and whether you like it or not, they will all be there – and so will you because its family and we all stick together!

When I look back to when Budo on the Beach started it seems like a lifetime ago – 2012 – we had just had the Olympics, the Euro’s and Marc Moor was still calling me Chris. In that time many people have come and gone, and come back again. Collectively we have all grown, and achieved so much – Budo Warrior Schools have extended with a huge base of young people being trained that will become the next generation of Budoka. Everyone within Budo Warriror Schools have all grown and made us all collectively stronger; Mike, Randa and Shorn have all become Shidoshi, Ryan Hobbs & Hubert have become Dads (not together, although how bad-ass would that kid be?!), Ninja Mums have become Kuniochi in their own right and Marc Moor continues to wow on a regular basis.

So now we’ve gotten to the end of memory lane, what does Budo on the Beach have in store for us in 2018? It’s a return to the nicest luxury caravan park Porthcawl has to offer, the massive static caravans are great for families for the ninjas – and unlike Pontins you can use more than 1 appliance at once and the doors actually close! As with all Budo Warriror Schools events there will be a family feel to it, so feel free to bring your loved ones so they can watch you kick ass.

If you wanted to hear about the event first hand, you only have to start a conversation with our regulars Ben, Marty, Michael N Jones, Kenny, Darren and all my other Gloucester and Bristol based ninjas! Hear it directly from the people you will get to punch throughout the weekend.

Budo on Beach 2018 will host the very best of Great British Budo with people coming from across the UK, with special guests coming from Ireland (I hope its Collie!), Scotland and then the regular English & Welsh tribes! So with all this and much more I really hope I see everyone from Budo Warriror Schools in Porthcawl on Friday 14th September for a weekend of Budo-licious enjoyment. Don’t forget the ‘free t-shirt’ that Shorn will remind you of at every class between now and then!

Sending you all my budo-best wishes.


If you want more details on the event, please contact us at or go to our event page on facebook CLICK HERE

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