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Budo Warrior Schools Explained


Budo Warrior Schools was formed in June 2000 with one goal in mind; to secure the evolution of the warrior spirit. The decline of that spirit born of justice, control and power within individuals is having a sharp effect on the quality of our society.


Budo Warrior Schools was formed to help address that balance and its view of martial arts is not about the simplicity of competition or the solemn beauty of a perfected technique but in the natural and continuous flow of movement, distance and timing. It is in the harnessing of natural energies that true martial artists must immerse themselves.


The retention rate of students at Budo Warrior Schools is much higher than many other martial arts schools. All grades are conducted with the group sessions and there is a clear and structured path from absolute beginner to master instructor. Also there are annual visits to Japan to train with world renowned Japanese masters who all share a documented historical link to their warrior ancestors.


Above all else, at Budo Warrior Schools the emphasis is on learning something profound and life enhancing in the most fun and friendly manner possible. With this in mind the Budo Warrior Schools Tribe is set to continue its amazing growth and with your inclusion it can only be strengthened and improved.

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