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BUJINKAN NINJUTSU - Martial arts of Self Defence

6 week beginner courses in Gloucester 2022

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Course includes:

  • 6 Weeks Training

  • Free Training suit

  • White belt

  • Joining Fee

  • Membership to BWS


A warm welcome to our well established adult martial arts club, Budo Warrior Schools. If you are looking for somewhere to learn something new and extremely useful, or just to be social and meet new people in a fun and friendly environment, then look no further then our range of classes. We have something to suit everyone and you are never too old or inexperienced to give it a go with a complimentary FREE taster session. 


At Budo Warrior Schools we teach a full range of open hand combat based training, along with both traditional and contemporary weapons and we are also experts at tailoring your training to suit your individual abilities and needs. Budo Warrior Schools has been established since 1999 with a wholesome reputation as a super friendly group of people with a wide range of adult male and female students from aged eighteen to over sixty years old and we all very much look forward to meeting you. 


If you feel that a big lively class would be too much for you to begin with, then why not sign up to one of our exceptional six week Introductory Courses that are offered throughout the year, they are widely known for their great value and have no hidden costs. It will be perfect for you. Please click HERE for more information.

Classes in



Budo Warrior Schools has, along with principal instructor Marc Moor, a number of very experienced senior instructors who host their own regular classes; check out affiliated classes link in the menu bar above to find your nearest Dojo. There are also specific Kenbu classes for children in Gloucester throughout the week. At Budo Warrior Schools the first class is always free, whether you are a Gloucester Kenbu kid or a more mature Bujinkan Ninjutsu candidate, so please feel free to come along and enjoy a taster session. All our classes are fun, friendly and informative - get ready to change your life in thirty days!


We also run regular beginners courses throughout the year in Gloucester to help you get started on your training journey in the best way possible. Click HERE to go to the Beginners course booking page. 

Alternately, click here to get more information about class timings and locations.

Events and News

For all the latest news on our upcoming events, be sure to keep an eye on your email account you gave us when joining! There are lots of exciting events throughout the year. Below are some of our most recent. 

FRIDAY 17th September 2021


This day will be a day of testing for all those who are ready for grading followed by a social afterwards to celebrate. More information will be available from instructors at class over the coming weeks. 

Marc Moor Bujinkan Instructor Gloucester

Budo Warrior Schools

Budo Warrior Schools is a well established and successful Bujinkan ninjutsu martial arts association that teaches traditional ninpo taijutsu, also known as ninjutsu. Principal instructor and founder of Budo Warrior Schools, Marc Moor, has been studying martial arts since 1964 and has travelled to Japan on numerous occasions to study directly with Japanese grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. Marc has also travelled the globe training with many martial arts masters of differing styles, and as such he is also an internationally renowned ninpo and self defence instructor in his own right.  


Because Budo Warrior Schools is perhaps, the largest and most successful Bujinkan ninjutsu association in the UK,students are given the easy opportunity to train at many centres of excellence with a variety of senior instructors. Within the ninjutsu fraternity there are many regular seminars and social gatherings, giving ninja students the chance to meet like minded people, build friendships and explore the concepts and strategies that form ninpo taijutsu and ninjutsu.

FRI 20th - SUN 22nd September 2021
First training event of 2021 is finally organised and going ahead! Join us for a full weekend of camping in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside. Enjoy some expert training from some of our highest ranking instructors and in the evening enjoy a nice social around the campfire, with of course an amazing BBQ included. More information available from your instructor at class. Come join us for this great weekend.
Budo Warrior Schools Camping event

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