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Thirteen years ago I had an idea. Thirteen years ago I formed Budo Warrior Schools. From humble and noisy beginnings above four squash courts in Cheltenham, Budo Warrior Schools was an instant hit. I had just wanted to run a martial arts school in such a way that I would have loved being taught myself. That idea has worked in many more places across the UK and the Budo Warrior Schools bug has bitten deep.

Now at age thirteen, Budo Warrior Schools, like any adolescent worth its salt needs to start growing up. We are here and it is now, and so there has been and will continue to be subtle changes of emphasis and direction as befitting a gifted teenager. These slight amendments or alterations have already begun and have been received incredibly well by all.

These thirteen years have flown by and every day I am happy and grateful for the sheer joy and happiness that Budo Warrior Schools has brought to myself and to many, many other people. We now have a vast array of talented and experienced students and instructors from a wide variety backgrounds and experiences. Any such organisation or movement is only as strong and as vibrant as the people involved, and so the great success of Budo Warrior Schools is down to each and every member, regardless of age, experience or rank and not to me. Gambatte kudasai.

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